C-b c (c)reate a new window
C-b n goto the (n)ext window
C-b p goto the (p)revious window
C-b f find window
C-b , name window
C-b & kill window
C-b " split pane horizontally
C-b % split pane vertically
C-b arrow switch pane
C-b o swap pane
C-b x kill pane
C-b q show pane numbers
C-b + break pane into window
C-b - restore pane from window
C-b w show list of windows
C-b t show cuttent time
C-b q show pane numbers
C-b don't release it and hold one of the arrow keys - resize pane
C-b ⍽ toggle between layouts
C-b { Move the current pane left
C-b } Move the current pane right
C-b z toggle pane zoom

with C-b z, the active pane is toggled between zoomed (occupying the whole of the window) and unzoomed (its normal position in the layout)

the effect can be observed by pressing this key sequence in any window with at least two panes, to toggle the zoomed state for the active pane

note the Z suffix that appears after the window title in the status bar while the pane is zoomed

any custom maximize/minimize style bindings are no longer needed. this works particularly smoothly given that the new release also includes support for reflowing text when panes and windows are resized