• Category Theory

  • make the code reusable and simplify reasoning about the code. modular, simple, composable. it's the only way to build fast, correct and maintainable software

    build software as a collection of independently useful and reusable parts

    deliver software fast by thinking about composability left right and centre

    use types to describe functions, because one type signature is worth a thousand comments

    keep data immutable, because immutability lets you focus on the business logic

  • haskell
  • maybe-программирование
  • either-программирование
  • error-программирование
  • functor-программирование
  • arrow-программирование
  • легкая прогулка
  • elm

  • ocaml

  • erlang
  • elixir
  • boss
  • couchDB
  • cowboy
  • yaws
  • riak_1   riak_2